Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Little Playfellows" - Vintage Children's Book published in 1884.

This little book is full of charming images and moral tales telling little children the advantages of being kind and well-behaved. It was published in 1884 as part of the "Sugar Plum Series" by Peter G. Thomson of Cincinnati.


A little boy was playing with his hobby-horse 
one day, and making a great deal of noise, when an 
old gentleman, who lived in the next room, called 
to him and said, "Can you not play more quietly?" 
The little boy answered, "It is raining and I can't 
go out of doors." The old gentleman said, "But 
can you not make less noise, for I am sick and need 
rest." The little boy said, "If that is the case, I 
will not make any noise." When his mother came 
home, she praised him for his kindness, and said he 
did right. Little Johnnie, for that was his name, 
had forgotten all about the old gentleman, when, a 
week after, a large box came to him on which was 
written, "To my young neighbor, a souvenir of a 
rainy day." The box was full of beautiful lead sol- 
diers and cannons, with which he had a great deal 
of pleasure. When his mother saw them she said, 
"You see, my son, kindness always receives its

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